If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, here’s Lloyds lab 2021 demo Day of distriBind — Automated Data Exchange for Insurance.

Thanks to everyone involved in the Lab and distriBind’s mentors.

distriBind is a Delegated Authority data exchange platform removing error, cost and delay caused by manual bordereaux.

If you’d like to hear more about this, please get in touch. You may reach Dave Connors, CEO, 18 years’ experience dealing with carriers, brokers and service providers. Expert in Delegated Authority in London & global markets.

Not Buying Cyber Insurance

Your business holds vast amounts of customer data and People’s ability to gain access to that data is becoming more intelligent. More elaborate scams, phishing attempts, sending viruses, and social engineering allow access to your data.

If your business falls victim to any of these and subsequently have a data breach, it could spell the end. The financial implications and the fines that are attached to data breaches could be crippling.

Your business and the entirety of its future could be resting on how much you trust your staff. …

Level39 member Vesuvio Labs is currently working with seven talented young people under the Kickstart Scheme, launched by the UK Government in September 2020. Through the scheme, employers can offer young people, aged 16–24, who are claiming Universal Credit a six-month work placement.

Vesuvio has offered placements in various areas such as Business Analysis, Business Development, Data Science and Marketing, with each placement supporting Vesuvio’s growth by providing new ideas, and fresh perspectives.

The scheme is exciting, says Darren Chow, Analyst at Vesuvio, as new and different perspectives are vital in creating a successful ventures, and the team can…

The pandemic has thrown the insurance industry into something of a disarray — but in many ways Edward Halsey believes that in the long term the impact will be positive, with brokers and insurers alike being forced to change and address many of the long-term issues that were holding them back.

The broking industry is going through a lot at the moment. Pedro started by asking Edward Halsey (Ed), what are the Covid-19 repercussions to the way people access insurance?

Ed explained, “the negative impact unfortunately comes from the distrust that has been caused with buyers. At hubb we believe usage-based broking is one of the key ways to rebuild buyer’s faith in their broker in addition to opening up the back office with full transparency. …

Kristian Feldborg, CEO and Founder of Vesuvio Labs, talks to InsTech London Partner Matthew Grant, about Vesuvio’s offerings, partners, and setting up businesses miles from home.

Can you talk about your background, and how Vesuvio came to be?

I’ve been working in technology for financial services for 20 years. My role has always been to work with entrepreneurs, helping them deliver whatever vision they’ve had, so it was natural for me to evolve that into a business.

Kristian Feldborg started Vesuvio as a technology partner focused on execution. …

In this article Pedro Caetano, Communications Manager at Vesuvio Labs discusses with Ajay Jagota, founder of Veriwise Ltd., how technology may support tenants who find themselves alone in clashes with their landlords and feel like David versus Goliath.


Renting accommodation has become the option of choice for more and more people. Flexibility is one key advantage, but there certainly can be expensive downsides, for tenants, as well!

Pedro started by asking Ajay to explain the impact of disputes with landlords and why he founded Veriwise.
Ajay explained, “There are around eight and a half million tenants with unresolved housing repair issues in the UK! Many of these properties fall below the accepted “decent standard”, and lots of which fail the “fit for human habitation” legal benchmark. These and other types of dispute, cause great stress and anxiety…

IXN Innovation (within UCL Computer Science) and Vesuvio Labs celebrate continuing into the third year of a successful partnership, which offers MSc Computational Finance students the opportunity to gain industry experience on independent, leading-edge research projects.

The Vesuvio labs partnership has been running for three years with up to 11 students per year and has also involved a number of other partners in the sphere of ML applied to Finance such as Naxxar Technology and Intellibonds. The partnership is part of the long-running UCL Industry Exchange Network (UCLIXN) programme and operates under ‘ IXN Innovation’. …

In this article Pedro Caetano, Comms Manager, and Darren of Vesuvio Labs, talk to Mike Minett, Co-Founder of Portabl to discuss their exciting prospects for investors, employers, and freelancers.

www.portabl.co — a Flexible insurance and benefits provider for those who live and work in the growing global freelance and gig-based economy.

The art, of course, is to spot a business opportunity early, make a commitment, and take an innovative product to market. That is exactly what Portabl is doing, by creating a SaaS business that provides insurance, savings, and other benefits, to all portable job to job professions and stages of life.

“We are now undoubtedly into an advanced digital age, where jobs can be based anywhere and are decoupled from their location. It is predicted that within…

As we emerge from lockdown, Pedro has recently concluded several interviews with CEO’s and senior executives of the influential companies with whom Vesuvio Labs are associated. In discussion with Graham Ripley, advisor to Vesuvio Labs, Pedro reviews and summarises what “normal work” may look like, post lockdown.

“During the interviews”, Pedro said, “I found a remarkable consensus across many operational areas. So much so in fact, that I am confident they are indicative of what post-Covid 19 work- life will be for similar businesses and sectors.”

Graham set the context saying, “I believe many people expect the structure of their lives to change after CV19, with “normal” being substantially different to yesterday”. He added, “a recent survey showed that before lockdown about 5% of us worked at home regularly; now nearly half of us anticipate WFH continuing at a greater pace in the future and there…

In May, Elise & Pedro of Vesuvio Labs met Naufal Zamir, CEO and founder of “Simple Transfer”. This is a B2B2C cross-border money remittance white-label platform, flexibly enabling third party businesses to provide their own-branded money transfer services.

Naufal is an award-winning, founder, CEO and board member of several enterprises. As a qualified Barrister-at-Law, his legal background has been pivotal to his success. His analytical approach to business, the ability to build and nurture key relationships, and the creation of innovative solutions & strategic alliances has made him stand out from the rest. Naufal is certainly no stranger to regulations.
Naufal’s essential maxim is organisation & order. True to this character and approach, the interview reflected his forward-looking and well-structured mindset.

Elise first asked Naufal how he managed the working at home regime caused by the CV19 restrictions? He replied, “working from home under the current lockdown has been quite interesting. I took a positive view and realised that the best part was that I just didn’t need to attend as many meetings. It has enabled me to re-assess how to spend my time to its maximum effect. For example, I often spent up to 30% of my time researching what new people I should contact and how they should best be engaged. This is still important but now is…


Venture Builder with expertise in building enterprise-ready InsurTech and FinTech products led by @k_feldborg.

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